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Skate Meetup Spittelau, September 7 2023

Want to show this city how much more fun life is on wheels? Meet us for an open skating session at Spittelau! We will be in front of the station from 18:30-21:00. Powerjam is a quad roller skate club, but all wheely-feet are welcome 😉

Some things to know about our meetups:

Our meetups don’t have aset programme and are more about sharing moves and know-how. We skate and dance together and try out spontaneous choreos. Attendance at these meetings is free of charge, we welcome donations! We’ll provide the music, bring a few moves and we’re ready to go. Feel free to bring any friends who are interested in skating and want to share ideas. We like to share our knowledge and are happy to learn from each other!

In all our events, our values are always the basis for behavior and interaction with each other. In short, we are open to all, but discrimination or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. SKATE PEOPLE SHOW LOVE!

We are sorry, but this time we can NOT offer RENTAL SKATES!


Sep 07, 2023


18:30 - 21:00