Powerjam started in 2020 as a heart project of two longtime skaters Riannon (Moloko) & Eva (Bitchy) and is now a non-profit with over 100 members. The main goal of Powerjam is to cultivate a local quad roller skating community and continually create new opportunities to skate together, share knowledge and skills, and share the love of roller skating with as many people as possible. The two founding members have been supported by a board of directors consisting of Christina, Maren, Stephanie and Verena since 2022. Here you can get to know us a little bit:



Tini has been a round dancer for many years and joined Powerjam two years ago. Roller skating and ice skating are her passions and she feels most comfortable in skates. As a trained seamstress she will also take care of some outfits for the performances of Powerjam in the future. Tini also enjoys performing herself and sharing her passion for roller skating with others.


Originally from the UK, Steph has been into all sorts of skate sports since a young age and joined our Powerjam squad in 2021. Full of positive energy Steph is our resident Vibe Provider and all round gal.‘ The Claptain’ keeps counts, creates choreos, sings along and is always there to help encourage all levels of skaters to connect to their inner groove. In her day-to-day life, Steph is a talented hairstylist. You can find her creations at @stayradhair, her skate adventures at @stephaniestayrad.


Moloko is an energetic fitness trainer and certified personal fitness coach with a focus on strength and functional training.
 She has been skating on quad roller skates since early childhood and has spent many Saturdays at the roller rink (the rink!).
 She has traveled all over Europe with Vienna Roller Derby and has trained many new skaters. She has also participated in dance, twirling (baton) and marching band competitions for many years.
 In everything she does, the joy of passing on knowledge is an important element. When she's not busy out-working many clients at John Harris clubs or doing personal training, she brings her enthusiasm and joy for skating and teaching to Powerjam. @molokoviolet


Communications pro by day, glittery skatie by night. Maren started skating during Corona lockdowns in her living room and now brings her love of mainstream pop music to choreographies on skates. A little glitter, a little shine and Maren is happy and satisfied!


Powerjam's smooth operator! Skate love at first sight: from the first Meetup in fall 2020 to total quad skate love was only a short slide for Verena. Together with the Powerjam community not only her enthusiasm and skills grew during this time: also the typical skater*s view on smooth floors became a symptom of her new passion. For the Viennese rollerskate community she is always on the lookout for new rideable locations.


Bitchy has been on quad skates since 2013. She is not only a passionate player at Vienna Roller Derby, but is also active as a coach in the club. As a certified fitness, health and mental trainer, she offers personal training and group courses.
If there is still time left besides Powerjam and Roller Derby, you can find her at the skatepark, where she loves to try new tricks in her "Happy Place" Miniramp.
As part of the fairplay team, she contributes to anti-discrimination, human rights and inclusion in sports under the motto "Sport for All", trying to make the world a little better. @bitch_buchannon


Our association and our course offerings are currently organized as a semester operation. We offer weekly classes that teach skate basics, coordination and control as well as rhythm & jam skate choreography. We also focus on the balance and strength skills necessary for a lifetime of injury-free skating. The semester classes are led by certified personal and fitness trainers Eva and Riannon, who bring their training and skating knowledge together in these classes. You can find all the information in our courses section. Maren, Stephanie and other motivated powerjammers* take care of our weekly choreography and open skate sessions, which are also an important part of our daily club life.

In addition to our classes for members, we try to grow and promote the community through all types of roller skating events. We offer open, free meetups in public spaces, host roller discos, workshops, and also perform at various events. We also welcome inquiries about private events! When we're not dancing, you'll also find many of us at skate parks around town, or at Vienna Roller Derby, passionately pursuing other types of skating and networking with other groups.


Powerjam feels strongly about important principles and philosophies related to roller skating, training and community building. We believe in an open community that welcomes all people regardless of national, cultural, personal (including gender and sexual) identity and orientation. We would even go so far as to say that the beauty and vitality of rollerskating is inseparable from diversity and free expression. Powerjam is therefore dedicated to building a local community that is also absolutely aware of the essential role of Black and BIPOC roller skating culture and its influence on rhythm and jam skating in the past and present. All our trainers are constantly educating themselves when it comes to knowledge transfer and the correct technique of skating. The focus is always on avoiding poor posture and form to prevent wear and injury. So that the joy of skating lasts long!