Powerjam Skate Meetups are open community skate sessions with no membership fees or course fees. We meet at different locations in Vienna to just skate together and share tips, tricks, moves and our favorite skate jams.

One of our regular locations for these meetups is the Garage Grande. This interim use project in Vienna's 16th district offers an open-air skate space that is nevertheless protected from the weather. This means that no matter if it's sunny or rainy, we can skate and dance together and still be in the fresh air. This is a huge advantage, especially in times of Covid. We are very happy to be included in the Garage community and will inform you in time about planned meetups there.

Besides the Garage we meet especially in the evening at the Schwarzenbergplatz (Schwarzi!) or at the Spittelau subway station. We also look forward to meetups with other skate crews, contact us anytime if you feel like skate afternoons and evenings together.

Our outdoor meetups can only happen when it's dry (exception Garage Grande, where we have a roof over our heads)! Please keep an eye on our social media channels for weather updates on the day of the Meetups.